Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Growing Mustard and Cress

For the last few weeks we have been growing mustard and cress on a window sill in order to have some early salad to add to meals. All the over-wintering lettuce got eaten by slugs. So Mr Shoestring was very encouraged to see a slow worm in the polytunnel today as they eat lots of slugs !

Mustard and cress is very easy to grow on kitchen towel or other absorbent paper. Just scatter the seeds over the paper, water and cover with a piece of paper. Water daily and take the paper off the container when you can begin to see little leaves appear.

We have discovered that the mustard takes a lot longer to grow than the cress so start this off about 3 days before the cress if you want to eat them together. They are both a little peppery, just the thing to pep up the palate after a long winter of stodgy comfort food.

Do you grow these childhood favourites ?

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