Monday, 16 May 2016


I have spent just about 1 hour on the telephone to TalkTalk to try and sort out the internet problem we have. The first 25 minutes were to a call centre outwith the UK and they were no help at all. The poor chap just kept insisting that I did have an internet connection even when I did not ! The spotty internet service and no connection at all for parts of the day has been going on for over a week. In the end I asked for the number to cancel !

The cancellation people are based in this country and were able to re-set the router so that we have some connection then everything works much faster but the intermittent nature of the service is still there, so writing blogposts maybe a bit hit and miss until the problem is resolved ! We took out a contract with TalkTalk a while ago and it still has until 17th August to run, to buy ourselves our would cost over 47 pounds plus the cost of posting their equipment back to them. It would appear that they are trying to force us to pay to upgrade to fibre broadband ! I really don't want to have to pay them to go elsewhere but we do really need a decent internet connection as all of Master Shoestring's homework is now set online !

Watch this space !

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