Friday, 13 May 2016

Thrifty Pizza

After our shocking adventure with takeaway pizza last week we tried making homemade pizza for Master Shoestring’s friends and doing a cost comparison.
The takeaway last weekend was £49 for 4 large pizzas. The cost for 4 similar size pizzas this weekend was 15p for flour, 1p for yeast , 1p for sugar, 34p for tinned tomatoes, garlic, onions and herbs free from the garden, cheese etc for toppings was £1 and electricity for cooking 40p making a grand total of  £1.91, say £2 to allow for the cost of doing the washing up instead of just recycling pizza boxes.

I asked Mr Shoestring to take a guess at how much each pizza was and even he over-estimated at just under £1 when in fact it was closer to 50p. Now of course, takeaway staff need to earn a living wage and there are premises to upkeep as well but given the cost saving and how much teenagers enjoy making their own pizzas I think we can safely say that the Shoestring family will never be visiting a takeaway pizza place again !!

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