Monday, 2 May 2016

The Reckoning

Lovely lambs, seen on a walk today, reminding me that every month is a new beginning ! They were so joyful, leaping and running about together !

The end of the month and time to take stock of all the spending ! There were a few categories where we were overspent, most notably in food as we got pizza from Pizza Express for the confirmation Saturday lunch. Gosh, that was expensive, 49 pounds for 4 people and that was without anything extra and to take away, not even to sit in ! We shall never do it again, even with the world's most expensive toppings I reckon I could have made 4 pizzas for vastly less than that. Compared to a sit-down restaurant meal for 4 people I guess it wasn't too bad but even so it broke the food budget and without that expense we would have stayed within the budget. We had  asked Master Shoestring what he would like as a treat but I think that I should have found out the cost before promising !
Lesson learned !

Even with that and with buying a new computer for Master Shoestring to practise his computer programming on we managed to save 51% of our income which I think is not too shabby and certainly better than last month with its big car bill !

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