Monday, 23 May 2016

Half Term Ideas 1

Next week is the half term holiday in England and Wales. Scottish schools finish earlier and return earlier so no holidays for them yet ! But in case you are wondering what to do for free or nearly free next week, as you are saving up to go away in the Summer I'm going to run a series all week on ideas to do in half term. I found it really useful to have a plan for each day so that at least for a few hours we got out of the house or did something different !

First idea is be a tourist in your own-neck-of-the-woods. Have a look around your own town or village or one nearby. The picture above is from a free fairground organ museum which is within walking distance of our house and we have never been, so that is definitely going on the list. It would also be fun to ride on a bus or train and go somewhere you have never been before, perhaps to the terminus and back ! Many towns and villages have tourist trails and the map is free to download. Have a look at your neighbourhood with fresh eyes and see what is going on !

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