Monday, 30 May 2016

Approved Foods ?

I have sung the praises of Approved Food the bulk retailer which sells surplus food stock for manufacturers on here before but after today I'm not sure that they are offering such good value for money anymore.

I logged on to the website because there was a coupon for half price delivery and there were a few things we were running out of like fruit tea bags and baked beans. However, once I had loaded up the basket the postage was still enough to take the unit costs of the items out of the 'bargain' category and into the  ' more expensive than the supermarket ' one. This was true for the baked beans, for the organic tomatoes and the whole meal flour. Removing these heavy items from the basket meant that the spend went down so I no longer qualified for the discounted shipping so then the cost of the remaining items such as yeast and teabags increased enough that they were more expensive than the supermarket. So I left the basket and did not buy !

It was a good lesson in checking the real cost of everything rather than being seduced by the idea of a bargain. This is the third or fourth time this has happened so I think that is the end of my relationship with Approved Foods, good while it lasted but they are too expensive now and sell too much junk food from other countries which we can't use, so it's back to bargain food shopping on the high street rather than the internet !

Have you noticed food prices increasing where you are ?

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