Thursday, 5 May 2016

Getting a good deal on a new computer

When we were looking for a home computer for Master Shoestring to do his school programming work on we started by examining all the machines we had already. We downloaded the programming language to each of them and then he tried them put to see if they would compile accurately. None of them did, so shopping at home was out ! 

Next we looked at ebay for a second-hand one but the guarantees were poor and we worried about not having any redress if something went wrong. So buying second-hand was out this time.

Next we looked at standard retailers such as John Lewis and PC World. The machines seemed quite expensive and we would still have to buy a monitor, software and other accessories. next stop were other retailers such as Argos and Staples, were there any deals to be had ?

We identified exactly what specifications the machine had to have before we started looking and also decided upon a desktop as in our experience they last longer than laptops.

The we started looking at online retailers and talking to Master Shoestring about how much work he could do for himself.

Finally we found what we thought was the best possible price which included everything and postage and their was from an online retailer and offered a good guarantee. We got everything for under 370 pounds and when Master Shoestring is not using it Mr Shoestring can and as it is a top of the range model at present it should last a good few years and be able to be passed down to another member of the family. An expensive but value for money purchase !

How do you buy computers ?

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