Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Half Term Ideas 2

Day 2 of the half term ideas and this one is ideal if the weather is not so good or Master Shoestring has a friend over, have a bake-off or a cook-off. In true British Bake Off style parents are the judges after having given the instructions about what to make. Then sit back and wait for mess to appear !

We have had some hilarious results with Master Shoestring's friends over the years and the great win is that either you get a meal out of it or the friends get to take a batch of cakes home which is always very popular. For younger children this idea might include a stop at the library to borrow some really easy cook books and a stop at the shops to get all the ingredients. Older teenagers very much enjoy a cook-out or a barbecue which they can organise and then eat !

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