Friday, 6 May 2016

Banana Muffins

Recently at work people have been getting  half a banana with there order, it must be that half a banana constitutes a single serving, but no-one wants them as by the time they reach the person who ordered the lunch the cut surface of the banana has turned brown.

I've taken to collecting the half bananas and using them to make muffins for Mr Shoestring's lunch !

2 cups plain flour, 2 tsps sodium-free baking powder, 1/2 cup low GI sweetener, 1/2 cup oil, 3-4 mashed half bananas, enough water to make a dropping consistency.

Mix all the dry ingredients, mix all the wet ones, add the wet ingredients to the dry ones and mix. Bake in a 12 hole muffin pan until golden brown at 350 C.

These keep well in the freezer.

What do you do with brown bananas ?

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