Sunday, 29 May 2016

Happy Birthday to me !

A birthday today ! I love having been born at this time of year, all of them are lovely of course, but the late splendour of Spring is certainly something special. Mock orange, lilacs, apple blossom all in bloom and we had the first strawberries from the poly tunnel yesterday. So a good time for feasting and rejoicing and plenty of free and low-cost options to do it !

We have a friend from USA arriving this afternoon so that will be a special treat. All the lovely presents from family are things that I wanted and requested so that is good and they will all be put to use. I'm going to a free concert this afternoon and the meal tonight will be our normal Sunday roast but with a bit of extra cream on the dessert as I can't eat cake but I do like cream !

I was born the same day as Charles the Second and he is known as the Merry Monarch so I intend to live up to my birthday 'twin' today and make merry !

What do you do for your birthday ?

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