Friday, 12 August 2016

Another nice surprise !

Another nice surprise on our return home was the arrival of this quarter's Tesco vouchers. We don't shop much there but use the Tesco bank credit card and pay the balance off every month so we can get the points on purchases elsewhere. I realised that with the new points and the ones I had, I could get a free magazine subscription. As we like magazines so much, getting a free subscription is a good way for us to use the vouchers. I've already got a subscription to National Geographic, which we all enjoy and Kitchen Garden magazine, which comes with free seeds, so even better !

This time I chose Prima as it often has good craft and baking ideas coming up to Christmas and I have a whole folder of ideas saved from previous years, it also comes with a free dressmaking pattern for subscribers so that it is extra value too ! Lovely to get a treat for free !

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