Thursday, 11 August 2016

Surprises !

Still rather tired after all that travelling but cannot complain as we were upgraded to the premium cabin so we could all sit together on a very full flight ! Master and Mr Shoestring took full advantage of the meals service on offer but as a result got no sleep on the overnight flight and are jolly tired !

One of the first things we did on our return was to open up all the post and discover that in our absence they had been to read the newly accessible water meter and discovered that they owed us 130 pounds ! Our monthly bill will also go down by a third, so a lovely surprise !

The second lovely surprise was that it has been a sunny start to Summer and the solar panels have earned us another 210 pounds !

Then there were several freebies in the post, the blackberries are ripe and the hotel in Toronto which overcharged us has refunded us the full amount. So all in all a lovely set of surprises to return to. Not to forget Miss Shoestring prepared a surprise as well and has completely re-designed the games room !

Great ! It's lovely to come home after a holiday and not get that 'let-down' feeling !

The other lovely feeling is that I know how this computer works and can see the screen when I'm typing so there should be fewer strange spellings now !

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