Friday, 19 August 2016

DIY is not always cheaper !

Mr Shoestring spent all the hours in a couple of days this week trying to fix 2 things, the hedge trimmer and the headlights in the car. Both repair attempts involved a couple of trips to the hardware store and lots of frustration when the new parts did not make the item work ! Lots of research was done, lots of getting mucky and smelly happened until, in the end, he admitted defeat !

A new, lighter electric hedge trimmer was purchased out of savings ! All the hedges were cut in half a day instead of the normal 3 days ! New hedge trimmer declared wonderful !

Headlight repair at local garage cost 5.94 pounds, two thirds less than had already been spent on parts ! Mr Shoestring declared that from here on out 2 hours is the maximum amount of time he is going to spend on speculative repairs, his time is more valuable !!

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