Sunday, 14 August 2016

Home Insurance

Last year we paid just over 86 pounds for building and contents insurance and I was determined to keep the cost for this year down too.

Home insurance has risen quite a bit this year and our old insurer had increased the premium by close to 90 pounds. We have not made a claim the entire time we have been here so I thought that that was a bit steep.

Off to Moneysaving expert website to see which order they recommended the comparison websites be searched and then when I had found a good price off to Topcashback and Quidco to see if I could get any money off. Result, I managed to get new home insurance for just over 87 pounds with better cover than last year, so I was well pleased.

Checking all the comparison websites and all the insurers who do not appear on these sites is a touch tedious and as usual led to an increase in the number of calls from insurers promising to 'beat your renewal quote' but the never can !

However, the whole process took under 2 hours and saved pounds, definitely a good hourly rate for a little bit of work and I don't have to think about again until next year. Now for the car insurance !

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