Monday, 15 August 2016

Car Insurance

August is an expensive month for us as it was the month we moved into the house and it is also the month that we often have time to go shopping for big things such as cars, which means that the car insurance and the tax are both due in the same month.

There is nothing I can do about the car tax until we downsize to a smaller car. It is not worth doing just now as the current car runs well but is worth very little so we shall keep it until it is uneconomic to repair. However, I can do something to cut the insurance bill. So another afternoon comparing prices and then very unusually discovering that with the online discount being offered by the current insurer this would be the cheapest option, less than 10 pounds more than last year in a year where car insurance has risen by 17% !

I was well-pleased to see that in the end the option that was the least hassle was also the most cost-effective ! That is not usually the case so I always shop around when it is time to renew the insurance !

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