Saturday, 27 August 2016

Cheap Wedding Anniversary

It was our 31st wedding anniversary the other day and along with homemade presents and cards we celebrated with a lovely homemade meal in the Dining Room with no garden clutter and candles on the table.

Marks and Spencer advertise their dine in for 2 for 10 pounds but this was dine in for 2 for 5 pounds.

We had steak, chips, tomatoes and onions followed by banana splits with cream and chocolate accompanied by sparkling apple juice. We bought the steak, the bananas, the cream, the apple juice and the sparkling water and it came to 4.97 pounds. Everything else came from the garden ! 

The meal was very quick to prepare and then the dishwasher did the washing up !

Mr Shoestring and I said that we could not have had a better experience in a fancy restaurant where you pay extra for a private dining room. We're quite happy with our own private dining room and were even better pleased with the bill !

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