Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Now it is a guarantee !

We heard back today from the owner of our solar installer company. They said that they would honour the guarantee and give us a new 5 year guarantee on the replacement which they hope to install within the next week.

We are very pleased that the company are going to hour the guarantee in the way the outlined in our paperwork and they explained that the reason they refused the first time we asked was because they no longer offer a guarantee like this one !

We are delighted that choosing a company with awards for customer service and a place in the Which ? trusted tradesmen list has done the right thing. That is why we did not choose the cheapest installer as we knew that later on we wanted a company which would honour its guarantee and would still be around to do so. Sometimes it pays to be frugal rather than cheap !

Now we have to hear when they are coming to do the work and hope that the sun shines some more this month to make up all that money we have lost whilst it wasn't working !

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