Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Getting rid of smells

This lovely sofa originally belonged to my parents. then to us, then to USAShoestring when he had a London flat. It has been sitting in our garage for 2 years and when we were over to see him USAShoestring said that it would be alright if we brought it into the house to use.

So yesterday there was a lot of scrubbing and vacuuming and wiping going on to get it cleaned up. But once we had managed to lift it into the sitting room there was a bit of a musty smell. Bad enough that we left the doors and windows open as it was a warm evening.

I have a list of ways to make nasty smells go away and fresh air is the first one I try. However, in this case I was pretty sure that stronger means would be needed. The next thing on the list is bicarbonate of soda, sprinkling a bit of this in smelly trainers or keeping a pot in the fridge works wonders. With the sofa I would have scattered it all over and left it for a bit before vacuuming it up again. The final weapon against smells is a can of Oust ! which really works well but has its own smell which I'm not that keen on. Anyway, I was pretty sure that the sofa would need Oust !

Lo and behold, this morning the sofa does not smell, all that Summer fresh air worked , so the bicarb and the Oust ! can be kept for another day !

What do you do to get rid of bad smells ?

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