Monday, 29 August 2016

Food waste when you stockpile !

I think that I have written about the dangers of over-stockpiling before, but yesterday I threw away food which was 4 and 5 years old as I had over-estimated the amount that we would use when I ordered it. I am writing this post mainly as a reminder to myself that it is a good idea to calculate roughly how much you use in a year and no matter how good a bargain the item is do not purchase more than that ! Also be careful to find out just how much you are getting as several of the items which went in the compost yesterday were whole caseloads of stuff that I thought that I was buying a single bag of !

I threw away 4 packets of brown rice from 2011, 5 packets of chickpea flour from 2012, 3 packets of barley from 2012 and 12 packets of bulgur wheat from 2013. All of these had lost their flavour, although I think they would probably have been safe to eat. I also threw away 6 tubs of nutritional yeast which arrived after I thought that I had ordered 1 tub. It turned out that the rest of the family did not like it and I thought that ordering 1, would be 1 tub but it was 1 case !

I still have 23 packets of dried dates from 2012 but these I have kept in the hope that a weekly bake of date scones will eventually see them used up !

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