Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Removing car dents with a plunger

Last week when we took the car to have the headlights fixed Mr Shoestring got stuck down a narrow street with a bus coming the other way. He had to reverse a long way down the street and scraped the car door on a gate post.

It looked quite bad but after all this month's expenses we knew that we could not afford to get it fixed professionally.

So Mr Shoestring did some research and various articles said that on modern car doors, because the metal is so thin, you can sometimes pull out the dent with a plunger.

So he tried it and it worked ! The few scratches were soon covered up with car polish as well ! The plunger cost 2.50 pounds and we can re-use it for when the low flush toilet gets blocked, which is quite often ! 

The technique only works on thin steel doors and Mr Shoestring did have to use some vaseline on the plunger to make sure that it stuck to the dent really well, he also had to pull at the dent several times. But the car door looks great now and the repair costs almost nothing ! Great at the end of the month !

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