Saturday, 20 August 2016

Curtain Extensions !

This week, whilst the weather was lovely and sunny, I washed the curtains. What a good idea, look after your stuff, keep it clean and it will give you many years of service. The curtains have not been washed for ages and in an attempt to get them really clean I put all of them in to a hot wash ! They were 100% cotton, it would be fine !

I dried them all outside, ironed them and put them back up, only to discover that some of them had shrunk, a lot !

My first thought was to unpick the hem and raise the curtain rings to gain some extra length, it wasn't nearly enough ! Then I thought about lowering the rail but that would look odd and might not be enough. In the end I added a fancy border to them all using the great fabric stash, which I had been just about to cull.

Now the stash is greatly reduced, the curtains look fine and I'm worn out from 8 hours of sewing. I'm so grateful to have a great sewing machine, what must it have been like to sort everything for your household by hand !

Best thing of all is that the fix did not cost a penny as the fabric and thread all came from the stash. I'm still going to cull it but perhaps not quite as vigourously as I had planned.


  1. Such a great idea, I did something similar many years ago when we moved house and the curtains didn't fit.

  2. Yes,

    I have done it before for the same reason , that's how I knew that it might work ! Many thanks for stopping by !