Sunday, 28 August 2016

Use what you have in the garden

We are just in the middle of digging out the flower beds and starting again with them. We seem to do this every few years as the ground elder takes over. The Romans introduced this salad vegetable into Britain to feed their armies but now it is just a nuisance !

We are determined to put a stop to all this work so some very generous gift cards  are going to be spent tomorrow on weed surprising membrane and mulch to go on top to try and stop the weeds growing so fast. We also thought that we were going to have to buy some new plants but it turned out that we had enough to fill 2 beds already, including this lovely blue geranium which had self-seeded in the middle of the driveway !  We only need 3 plants or so to fill the final bed, so more money to spend on weed suppressant !

We also put all the weeds at the back of the garden near the bonfire to rot down, they don't go into the compost bin so we don't spread them around the garden ! I'm looking forward to being able to have a rest from weeding and do some fun planting instead !

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