Monday, 22 August 2016

Free Photography Course

I have signed up for quite a few free courses at FutureLearn and Mr Shoestring and I both paid a little bit to take a course at the local college starting in September. Mine is in Counselling and Mr Shoestring's is in Computing. I said that I would sign him up for the Photography course after he has finished that but yesterday as I was perusing FreebiesUK I discovered a free course offer which starts Monday 22nd August and goes through to 26th September. So I signed him up for that !

The course is with Shaw Academy and you do have to watch some of the content on the days and times it is offered so I'm not sure if that will work out but he's got nothing to lose and it saved us even the small cost of the college course so he'll start and see what it is like ! Here's hoping that it is god and he can start taking pictures for the blog.

This time of year is a good time to look around for courses in things you are interested in so do let us know if you find something good !

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