Saturday, 1 April 2017

Free Cinema Tickets

I signed up for  this service quite a while ago but up until now have not gone to any films. Show Film First organises preview screenings to lots of films around the country and you can apply for free tickets as long as you can go to that screening at that time. Large cities are the most popular venue and we don't normally fancy going back into the city at night, so haven't taken advantage of any of the offers so far.

However, yesterday I spotted that one of the films " Their Finest" was being screened during the Easter holidays in a small town just 6 miles away. I quickly signed up for tickets and was lucky enough to get two ! MrShoestring is not sure if the film is for him, he's worried it might be a 'chick flick' so I've said that if he doesn't want to go then I'll take MissShoestring instead !

I'm very excited at the thought of a night out for free ! This service is well worth signing up for but a lot of the screenings are on a Sunday morning so you need to be free then. I would recommend having a look at the website first and finding out whether your nearest town gets screenings !

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