Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Reckoning !

So in spite of a few unexpected expenses this month we did really well with keeping our expenses low, they came in at just under 1000 pounds for the month. I think this is really great and although the 500 pounds saved will be needed for expenses later on in the year it shows that we can live a frugal lifestyle and manage on a budget.

Unexpected expenses this month included:-  a bit more on petrol thanks to sporting and trustee trips; quite a lot more in the dental column thanks to my filling; some new shoes for MasterShoestring who is in his puberty growth spurt and has wide feet, so that meant a brand new pair at 50 pounds and a little bit for rail transport for MrShoestring but that is counteracted by the fact that he earns more when he has to travel !

We still had a lovely half term, enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day and enjoyed some date nights at home thanks to LoveFilm and Netflix, neither of which we pay for !

I am quite inspired to have another look at the shopping list for next month to see if I can squeeze the budget further.  I have already bought Easter eggs on special offer and we don't have any special events next month so I would very much like to find the money to donate to a few charities over the course of Lent.

I hope that you have also had a frugal February !

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