Monday, 23 April 2018

April Challenges 4

Mr Shoestring left his beloved hat on the train this week so we had to break the clothing ban to get him another one. He was very fond of his old hat and it is also very practical, keeping the sun and rain off during his long commute so I did not feel too bad about shopping around and eventually ordering one online which cost around half what we paid 5 years ago.

Shopping wise I was just over the target amount this week at £12.90, we were running out of bread flour and a few other things so I had to push the budget a bit. The challenge to eat up what we have is still going well and I can at last see at a glance how many lots of apples, berries and courgettes we have to use up rather than just thinking there is a bottomless heap in the freezer.

The warm weather has meant that people have not felt like eating some of the things on the menu plan, so the soup, for instance, has been frozen for another time ! A bonus from the warm weather though is that the tomato seeds and cucumber seeds have germinated already and I have been able to put the celery plants I grew from the remains of 3 old ones, out in the greenhouse.

I managed to go to a jumble sale on Saturday and spend only £1.50, 50p on an old egg poaching pan and £1 on five paperbacks, which I thought was a very good price ! There is one more jumble sale next week so I'm hoping it will be a good one too !

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