Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Breathe Magazine

The first edition of my subscription to Breathe magazine has dropped through the letterbox and I really like it.

To start with the magazine contains no advertising, none ! It's like reading a very nice book. The quality of the paper is very high and the art work superb, there are whole pages with just illustrations on them which mean that you could cut them out and make A4 posters of the ones you like best. The other thing I appreciated about the art work is that at the start of each new section of the magazine they have an entire page which is printed in a single colour, no text at all. I thought these pages would be great to save for card making instead of buying fancy backing papers.

The articles are also very interesting too, most are quite lengthy so you get a chance to explore a topic thoroughly and there is no trying to sell you stuff, no fashion or must have home wares. I particularly enjoyed the articles on buying mindfully and stretching your cultural comfort zone.

At present the magazine comes out bi-monthly and there are teenage editions which particularly concentrate on mindfulness and withstanding peer pressure. I got my subscription free with Tesco vouchers but it is so good I think that I would pay for a subscription if need be. It is very different from other titles on the market and all the better for it.

If you want to have a closer look for yourself go to

where there are a lot of articles you can read for free. Enjoy !

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