Saturday, 7 April 2018

Fixing the Roof

All that freezing weather left us with a leak above the utility room as the mortar froze and thawed, froze and thawed. It has gradually been getting worse, but we couldn't fix it because after the weather was freezing it was too wet for any new mortar to cure.

Finally, yesterday made two dry days in a row and MrShoestring was able to go and buy mortar and get up on the roof. One of the good things about a bungalow is that you can just use a ladder to get up to fix the roof, much cheaper and easier than scaffolding.

It cost £11 for the bag of mortar which was used to re-point all the gullies on the roof, not just the one above the utility room ! When MrShoestring got up there he saw lots of other places where the mortar had cracked and then been swept away by all that heavy rain we have been having.

In a way we were lucky to have had that small leak as knowing we had to get up and repair that one meant that MrShoestring was able to fix lots of others that we did not know about !

If at all possible we really like to do house maintenance ourselves, not only is it cheaper but you know you have done a good job !

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