Friday, 13 April 2018

Frugal Friday

Another Friday and thanks to the glowering weather and the need to help with GCSE revision this has been a low spend week ! It has also been spent mainly cleaning, so not a great many actively frugal things were done !

I was pleased to get a few new books from Freecycle, some of them were very nice Michael Morpurgo paperbacks so those will be donated to the school library. I also downloaded a free book on to the Kindle and used it to while away the waiting time at the dental hygienist. We get the cleanings at a discount as we belong to a plan that pays monthly across the year. I also asked her to polish my teeth as well, which was an extra service that she hasn't included before. I guess I'm learning that it doesn't hurt to ask !

I have had good luck at the library the past few weeks and have been enjoying several new books which otherwise would have cost a fortune to buy, I didn't even have to pay reservation fees as they just happened to be on the shelf ! We got a free Sunday paper as well.

I washed out plastic bags that have been storing fruit and vegetables in the freezer and now have quite a few stored away for re-use this summer. We also re-used foil and used up some odd ingredients in the pantry. 

MrShoestring needed a new electric toothbrush and having researched the model we wanted I bought it at a discount price on eBay as it did not come with a charger. That was good as it meant we could re-use the charger from the old brush and it saved us £5 on the cost of the new brush. MrShoestring also repaired his slippers using stick on soles. I thought we should throw them away, but he thought that buying the soles for £2.78 was more cost effective !

Next week school starts again and that means it is going to get very busy for us so I cooked and froze some bean burgers for quick meals next week and will do some more cooking ahead this weekend.

A nice surprise in the post was some free bee-friendly wildflower seeds from the local council. We planted some last year and they did very well, so we're hoping for another nice display this Summer.

Here's to some lovely weather for the weekend !

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