Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The $21 Challenge Book

I got this book for free with a Swagbucks gift card after deciding that we needed to eat up some stored food in April. It is an Australian book, written by the two ladies who worked together on the Simple Savings website. I wondered about getting a copy when it was first published, but decided that I did not need it ! Now I have it, I think it is great !

The $21 Australian dollars in the title converts to just under £12 in pounds sterling, but as the book says, it does not really matter what level of spending you set for the weekly grocery challenge, you decide what works for you. This book will help you menu plan and use up all those obscure ingredients in the larder, it also shows you which ones you should let go of.

The book is divided into eight sections with the first few explaining what the challenge is and how to get ready for it and then a very funny section on how different people and attitudes might try and sabotage your challenge.

There is an excellent recipe selection and a really invaluable section on how to use up obscure ingredients. The other section I liked was one on substitutions which you can use if you haven't got something you need for a recipe to save having to go and buy it.

I thoroughly recommend this book and will be using it during my April challenge !

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