Friday, 6 April 2018

Frugal Friday

What a joy it was to have a sunny day yesterday ! Otherwise the rainy weather has kept us firmly indoors and that has meant that this has basically been a no spend week !

We needed a new specialist light bulb for the motion activated light at the front door and managed to get 3 bulbs for the price of 1 on special offer at Screwfix, so I only hope that we can remember where we have put the spare ones when we need them !

I got money off coupons from Tesco in the post, so instead of doing a big monthly shop at Aldi I bought just enough to trigger the saving at Tesco and will then do a £12 a week challenge for the rest of the weeks in the month. I don't want to spend £40 every week just to get the savings from the coupons they sent, but £6 off at the start of the month was good !

I finished my first ever sock from wool in the great stash and have started a second, these will be a Christmas 2018 gift ! We got a free Sunday paper, thanks to MissShoestring's vouchers and I used a Swagbucks Amazon voucher to get the 'Home Economics' book for free.

We took all our food and drink when travelling, which made for a lot of convenience and a considerable saving. The rest of the week I didn't use the menu plan as we had so many leftovers and people ate so much chocolate they were not very hungry at meal times !

I earned a second Swagbucks Amazon voucher and used it to get the $21 challenge book from Simple Savings. I read the first 2 chapters for free on the website and decided that I would quite like to have access to more of their "use-it-up" recipes. I also downloaded a free e-book and got 5 great books from the library.

Quite a good week really, now the weather needs to get warmer so we can get out and plant seeds !


  1. It Infuriates me that the Tesco vouchers nearly always seem to arrive immediately after I've just done my big shop. I got lucky this month though! You posted a carrot cake recipe a little while ago. I've made it twice and it's been very well received.

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