Monday, 7 March 2016

A Day in the Life of a Frugalista

Trying to live on less to save for the future and give more often is not about what you do to save money on big purchases but how you squeeze the pennies everyday.

We bought a bed similar to this one when we came back from USA, we expected it to last many years as we paid extra to buy from a reputable company. The middle of the bed collapsed one day when it was three years old. Instead of buying a new one Mr Shoestring installed several hefty support posts underneath the centre, not just one ! The bed was better than new as now it was unlikely to collapse again. In case you are wondering I weigh around 9st or 128lbs, so the collapse cannot be blamed on me !

So we wake up in our repaired bed under bedlinen bought for free from the IKEA christmas tree offer. Get washed in hot water heated by our solar panels and eat breakfast from food purchased on sale and stockpiled. We drive to work in cars that are eight years old and share the journey when we can. Everyone takes a packed lunch and drinks also prepared from stockpiled food.

At night we return to eat a frugal meal from the crockpot or pressure cooker and Master Shoestring returns from a frugal sports activity arranged through his school so the cost is negligible. Most week nights we are too busy with homework or preparation for the next day to need entertainment. At the weekends we enjoy the wonderful offerings from the BBC and all for less than 13 pounds a month. For many years we did not even have a television and so avoided this cost also, but now Master Shoestring is older he likes the sport and I'm very partial to " Call the Midwife".

Then we go back to bed in our frugally mended bed !

What sort of frugal things do you do everyday ?

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