Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Easter Baskets

In the supermarket the other day I saw that they were selling felt Easter baskets for children and rather expensive they were too ! We use baskets that I found at a jumble sale and cost pennies each, we save them and re-use them every year. A paper basket like the one above is a good cheap alternative.

All you need to do is decide how large you want your basket to be at the bottom and then draw a square that size onto a piece of stiffish paper. Add another square the same size to each of the original square sides to form a cross. Then finally fill in the missing sides around the squares to form 4 more squares. Now your original square is surrounded by 3 more on each side. Cut up the sides of the 4 squares in the middle of each side and bend up the sides around the original square to form the sides of the basket. Now stick, sellotape or use a paper fastener to keep the sides fastened together. Fill your basket with straw or tissue paper ready for egg hunting !

For people who prefer seeing what to do there is a good tutorial about this over on

What do you do for Easter baskets ?

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