Friday, 4 March 2016

Free Training

Last year's budget showed that Mr Shoestring and I spent a lot of money on paying for professional training which would help us in our work. We know that money is very tight in the sector where we work so we would not ask the organisation to pay unless we really had to but that leak really had to stop in our budget if we were serious about early retirement.

So I started to look around for free resources. This is the best one I have found, there are others and Moneysaving Expert has a great list but I have found that FutureLearn offers all its courses at university level and also offers certificates to prove that you have completed the training so I was delighted by that.

Some of the courses are better than others, but if you don't want to continue you just stop. Best of all all the courses are delivered on-line so there are no additional costs for food and travel and you can do them at your own pace in your own time.

I have found it really worthwhile to hear about all the other people on the courses, many of them from all over the world and the tutors and the supervision offers are first-rate. I have recommended lots of the courses to other people at work and once I was lucky enough that a few colleagues enrolled on the same course and then we could compare notes.

Since using FutureLearn I have not paid for professional training and hope that this will continue to be the case over the rest of the year.

Do you pay for training ?

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