Thursday, 24 March 2016

What to do in a Bank Holiday weekend

Traditionally Easter weekend is the start of the DIY season round here and this year we are going to be joining in ! Often there are special offers on paint and wall paper, not to mention things for the garden and we have several decorating and changing round room tasks to do as well as celebrating Easter. 

Master and Miss Shoestring are swapping bedrooms as hers is slightly larger but now she only comes home at weekends and he needs somewhere larger to do his homework. This will mean re-deorating at least one of the rooms as Master Shoestring is not keen on flowery wallpaper !

The other really big change will be turn ShoestringUSA's bedroom back into a general family room as he is not coming home anytime soon and we are all fed-up using one of the larger rooms in the house just for furniture storage. No re-decorating required for that room but quite a bit of furniture shifting into the garage which will become the new furniture store !

There is also a lot of cleaning to do. One disadvantage of being on holiday is that you get to see just how many cobwebs there are above your curtains ! Good job that today in known in parts of Europe as 'Clean Thursday' when everyone cleans to get ready for Good Friday. We will do all our jobs and then sit down to a special supper of soup, bread and grapes and grape juice and then go for a walk outside . A community we used to live in always made this supper a silent one but our children could not manage that so we evolved this new tradition.

What do you do on Clean Thursday ?

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