Monday, 28 March 2016

An Outing

Traditionally Easter Monday is the day of outings and for us here of Mum's holiday, where people have to fend for themselves for meals as I get a well-earned rest !

Today, dodging the showers we went up to see the Amersham crosses. They have been erected in a field above the town where they are visible to all who enter. We have noticed them since they were erected last year but had never been up to see them. Each cross represents so many thousands who died in the First World War and there are personal notes attached to each one which describes a personal memory.

It is really moving to look across at so many crosses and realise that so many lives were lost and how it was hoped that this would be the war to end all wars. Let us hope that one day that wish will be fulfilled.

A good run back down the hill was needed and then a cup of tea as of course it started raining again on the way down !

What did you do to celebrate the Bank Holiday ?


  1. What a lovely day trip! It is interesting to hear how you celebrate the various holidays and the traditions associated with them! Easter Monday here is a day off for some, but unfortunately the schools are not closed, and it is not a postal holiday either. So sad. It was amazing seeing all those crosses, and the personal notes attached to each one, wow!

  2. Big storm later on and then a rainbow which reminded me of the lovely ones you posted about ! Truly a Spring joy !