Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Jumble Sale Haul 2

The second really good buy at the jumble sales were clothes. I arrived at the Women's Institute sale after they had already been going for half an hour and as the weather was very cold the number of shoppers was beginning to dwindle. I looked at a few items and then they announced 'fill a bag for a pound' ! This is very exciting for every jumble sale afiiciando as it means you can purchase a bag for 1 pound and then fill it with as many items as you can squeeze in. The only thing you are not sure about is what the size of the bag is going to buy ! This time I was very lucky as they handed over a dustbin bag to fill !

After an initial look I wasn't sure that there would be enough I wanted to fill a bag as I had said at the start of the year that we didn't need anymore clothes and I would only buy what we needed. However, as I was looking the lady from the linen stall ran over with 60 linen napkins and popped them in me bag, I had been looking at napkins earlier and that generous gesture made me realise that if I looked carefully I might find things to put away for later even if we didn't need then now.

I ended up with 13 items for Mr Shoestring including shirts and trousers from well-known brand names and 14 items for me, including the lovely Spring house from Marks and Spencer shown above. There were also a few fun items for Master Shoestring including a Dr Seuss onesie ! All told, not including the napkins I got 30 items of brand-name clothing for a pound. That makes an average cost of just over 3p each ! I can't dressmaker items that cheaply !

I know that some people only like to wear brand new clothing but my answer to that is if you sleep in hotel sheets you have no need to be squeamish about clothes as after a wash they are just the same as those hotel sheets !

Have you had hand-me-downs for your family or used a jumble sale for clothes ?


  1. I know someone who does not like to wear second hand clothes. I like your comment about the hotel sheets, I will have to share that with them, lol! How awesome for you to find such bargains, oh that is just so exciting!!!!!! On occasion, churches here will have rummage sales and do the same thing, and it is very fun to do that. Enjoy your new lovelies! :)

  2. Someone shared it with me a long time ago and I found it very funny ! I do understand that other people feel differently ! A church rummage sale sounds exciting ! When we go to the USA this summer to see our son I'll have to keep an eye out.