Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Egg Hunts

Over the years I think we have held just about every conceivable type of Easter egg hunt. The tradition is always to have 1 big chocolate egg on Easter Sunday morning and then in the afternoon go on an Easter egg hunt for smaller ones.

When ShoestringUSA was small this hunt was for real hardboiled eggs which had been coloured and we would take them to a nearby hill and roll them down once they had been found. The winner's egg was the one which stayed whole !

Later on we would take the children on a very long walk to try and find the Easter hare and amazingly the Easter hare would have dropped clues in the form of small chocolate eggs along the path. Mr Shoestring was very good at filling his pockets and then letting a few fall close to where the children were walking. Alas, we never did catch up with the hare in person.

Once we had a garden big enough and the two oldest were really too old for a hunt they took turns hiding the eggs around the garden whilst Master Shoestring had a nap. Bad weather might mean hiding them around the house and by now the chocolate eggs had been replaced with plastic ones which could be filled with homemade Easter treats as it was almost impossible to find small eggs which Master Shoestring could eat.

We also did the tradition of Resurrection eggs where you hide different objects to remind you of the Easter story, but they are all too old for that now. A newer tradition is putting up art cards showing Old Master paintings of the Easter story around the kitchen table so as we sit down to eat over the period Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday we are reminded of whereabouts in the story we have got to. Today, on Easter Saturday the paintings all show Christ as the helper of the dead.

What are you planning for tomorrow ?


  1. Wonderful traditions, so fun for the kids :)

  2. It is fun for the children but I think that us older ones enjoy the hiding just as much !