Thursday, 3 March 2016

Jumble Sale Haul 4

I promise that this is the last post about the jumble sale haul but since I got all the items for 7 pounds and 80 pence including the sale entrance costs I thought that it was worthwhile showing just what high quality the items were.

The book above is in brand new condition and was part of the book haul I posted about on Monday. This has gone into the gift cupboard to be kept for Mr Shoestring's birthday next year. That might seem planning a little too far head but I say if you see it, if it is at a tremendous discount, you know that they will like it and you have room to store it where they won't find it, snap it up ! So this book is now if in the gift cupboard aka my wardrobe !

Along with it have gone 2 like-new Tattersall shirts. Thes super-finr quality brushed cotton shirts are far too expensive for us to purchase even on sale. The last one Mr Shoestring had was purchased in the USA and has recently fallen apart after being mended 7 times. So when I saw this

and then spotted a second one I snatched them up and added them to the bag for a pound.

Some people might say isn't that a bit mean to give your husband something second-hand and something you have paid so little for but Mr Shoestring and I share that same ideals about why we live frugally and he would laugh at people who think that they have to pay more in order to prove their love for a partner !  I look forward to seeing his admiring looks next year when he unwraps his parcels !

Do you think that you have to spend a certain amount on loved ones at special times ?

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