Monday, 14 March 2016

Jumble Sale Haul

A big 'hello' to a new follower, thanks so much for stopping by !

Last Saturday there was another Women's Institute Jumble Sale in a little village 20 minutes away. I always go towards the end of the time as I am not that keen on the massive crowds that these events attract at the start and also there is always a chance of some bargains towards the end. Bargains like the book above which I got for 20p along with 2CDs, one of world music and another of songs from 'The Sound Of Music', always good to sing along to as you get on with daily jobs !

Another bargain was a lemon juice squeezer, 2 huge Christmas themed gift boxes and a red Christmas cloth all for 50p. In a previous blog I have explained about buying pillow cases in Ikea with the aim of making Christmas gifts but if I keep getting bargains like these ones, the pillow cases can be saved for next year !

Last set of bargains were in the clothing section where I was just looking casually in case they had some bits and pieces for Master Shoestring's school uniform. No luck with the uniform but I did get brand new Marks and Spencer's pyjamas for Mr Shoestring, a Boden and a Spirit of the Andes top for me and a rather good quality set of waterproof trousers for Master Shoestring which will be very handy if he decides to try the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. All of that cost 2 pounds, making it 40p an item.

The drive there and back was also lovely, Spring sunshine, daffodils and crocuses out everywhere, beautiful hills and woods as the route lies through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a lovely old windmill just as you come into the village. A great afternoon out !

How did you spend Saturday ?


  1. A wonderful sale, just the kind I like, and going later is always a great idea if you are looking for great bargains! And a plus is the view you got to enjoy coming and going too :)

  2. I hope that it is soon Spring with you too !