Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Private Lives v Frugal Lives

So how did we enjoy our long anticipated night at the theatre ? Not so much I'm afraid, we only stayed for the first half and then enjoyed a wander around the canals near the theatre and a trip to a late night supermarket to pick up low salt margarine for Master Shoestring's cookery lessons !

The play is about people that I simply could not relate too and in deciding whether we should stay for the second half Mr Shoestring worked out what would happen and we decided that since we already knew how it would end we would rather go home and spend time with our nice family who would never behave like the people in the play !

The main characters in the play are all idle rich, they abandon their newly-wed spouses to run off together, having previously been married and do not pay the bill ! Poor money management as well as poor morality. Then they run off to a flat in Paris which one of them owns ! Not very realistic ! This is then followed by several scenes of domestic violence and misogyny ! Not my sort of thing at all and although Coward manages to make some of this mildly amusing it was quite an effort to summon up a laugh.

I think I prefer Frugal Lives to Private Lives and shall make sure that I read a review of the play before I book our next trip to the theatre ! Still, the canals were nice, so was the theatre, especially the bar stools which we had hilarious fun with as we tried to work out how you sat in them ! Best of all Mr Shoestring and I went out alone as Miss Shoestring did the babysitting !

What is your favourite play ?

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