Saturday, 29 April 2017

A Trip Out

I had to go to Gloucester yesterday to do some work connected with a trustee role I hold. It was very damp when I set off but started clear up as I reached the Cotswolds. To be very thrifty, I took a flask of tea, a stainless steel bottle of water and a packed lunch. The scenery I drove through was all free, including the lovely village of Burford.

The weather was very different on the West side of the country and it was a really pretty drive. All I spent was the petrol money and I spent the whole day helping (I hope !). A well-spent day and I hope to have more of them in the future. When I got back MrShoestring had done all the housework, which was a great help as I was back quite late ! It was lovely not to have to worry about supper or cleaning !

I hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday wherever you are !


  1. We only live 10 minutes from Gloucester, we visited Burford last year. The Cotswolds is a beautiful place, I love all the Cotswolds stone. Have a great weekend.

  2. It is a lovely spot and I want to go back and explore more !

  3. If Burford is in your picture - it does indeed look lovely. That is so satisfying to have a fun day that is also frugal!

  4. Yes, that is Burford, a beautiful Cotswold village with lovely stone houses. Normally, there are lots of tourists, but early in the morning whilst I was there it was very quiet and peaceful, the best time to see it !