Thursday, 6 April 2017

Re-using what you have

MrShoestring has been on holiday this week and has been working hard in the garden. I had a list of jobs and priorities but rather than tackling the greenhouse build and seed planting he has been renovating a huge front flower bed in order to turn it into a wildflower meadow. For the past 3 days he has done nothing but dig out the horrible flat leaved plants that were in there and their incredibly tough roots ! I really admired his persistence. Finally, last night he was ready to plant !

The project cost nothing but his time and sweat as we had been given free wildflower seeds as part of a local project. However, when he came to watering the seeds he had just planted he discovered that our old hosepipe at the front had sprung several leaks. No problem, he went and found an old piece of hosepipe in the garage and patched the old one until it was as good as new ! He did it using tyre cement from old bicycle repair kits we had. So nothing spent !

I can't wait to see if the wildflower project will work or if those horrid plants that were there before will come back ! Today MrShoestring drew up a planting plan and has drawn it into our new gardening diary. This was also re-purposed from a blank notebook we were given from free cycle. So no spend on the garden so far !


  1. I would love to have part of the garden as a wild flower area, maybe when we move.