Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Free Activity Vouchers

One of the things our local authority offers is a free activity voucher to each person in the county to allow them to try out something new. We have never taken advantage of them but in a bid to fill up MasterShoestring's Easter holiday with something other than work experience I've signed him up for one.

The scheme asks you where you live and then shows you a vast variety of different activities you could try from table tennis to tai chi. Master Shoestring has got a voucher for a Martial Arts class next Friday and the best thing is that he can take a friend along for free. So he's going to invite someone over for the afternoon and they'll go to the class before supper. If he likes it then there are options to carry on.

I thought that it was a marvellous free activity and well worth checking to see if your local authority offers something similar. I think I might try a Nordic Walking class !


  1. I live in south bucks and have never heard of this, thank you for the tip.

  2. That's great, so glad I could help ! I heard about the scheme from the MyBucks newsletter which the council sends out electronically once a month, might be worth signing up for !