Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Claim your Refunds

We have been chasing a refund for an extra journey that was logged on MrShoestring's Oyster card for the past week. The good thing about the Oyster card website is that it does tell you when it thinks that you might be owed a refund and I spotted that MrShoestring had had to top up earlier than I had been expecting. So we went on to the website and claimed the refund.

However, when he used his card at our nearest station the card reader thought that he was going on an extra journey ! We finally got it sorted out and he claimed the refund of £6.10 the next time he travelled. Claiming the refund did take a bit of time and there was a bit of hassle involved but the refunded money will pay for the next journey and so the trouble was worth it.

Quite often I wonder if it is worth the hassle to return something or complain about a service as I get quite embarrassed about it. However, when I think about the fact that it is giving somebody the chance to do better, that we have worked hard for the money involved and that I don't need to be angry to rude to claim the money owed it gets much easier.

Make sure you claim any refunds due !

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