Sunday, 30 April 2017

The First Lettuce

The lettuce has been growing very well under the covers and yesterday we realised that it needed thinning out to give all the plants some room to grow. We treated ourselves to a delicious salad to go with out homemade tortillas, salsa and re-fried beans.

This is the earliest we have ever had lettuce from the garden and so far no slug damage ! I think that planting early, these seeds were started in January and keeping them under cover has really helped with the early harvest. We have started some more seeds to ensure a succession of lettuce throughout the Summer and we hope further into the season !

I have been like a mother hen with her chicks over that lettuce and went out every day to check on it. But it does go to show that giving a bit of extra care is repaid in a good crop. Previously, I would never have had the time to make such a fuss but I am hopeful that our New Year's resolution to make the garden more productive is coming true.

Yesterday, MrShoestring also cut back an enormous amount of foliage around a very, old apple tree we have. In years past, it has never given a good crop, so the few, small apples it did have we always donated to the local wildlife, as we had other trees which produced well. However, this year it is absolutely covered in blossom so we are hopeful that we a bit more light and air around it it might produce a bit of a crop for us this year !

How is your garden doing ?


  1. I just love fresh lettuce nothing like what you buy in the shops.

  2. Yes and we've got so much of it that we are having it at every meal, so that's great !