Monday, 10 April 2017

Free Lottery

So not only can you give to charity for free you can also win some money without buying a lottery ticket.

The free postcode lottery works by you entering your postcode and then checking back every day to see if you have  won a prize. The winnings are not enormous, but a useful amount of money, up to £1000 and you can also earn a bonus amount of money by looking at the page regularly.

If you are interested the link is :-

There are several draws on the site in addition to the main one and there are also links to a couple of other free lottery sites, one of which allows you to win a free dinner which might be rather nice !

Lots of people register their postcode and then get tired of looking at the site so around half of the prizes go unclaimed. If you do join, don't forget to keep checking !

I hope that someone gets lucky !


  1. Hi. Just found your blog. My old blog was Our Quiet Life in Suffolk.
    New blog is The Cottage at the end of a lane. Would be lovely if you could change me in your list - Thanks

  2. Thanks, I've been following the new blog but forgot to change it here, so very grateful for the reminder !