Thursday, 20 April 2017

Knitting Project

Just before I talk about today's topic, I would like to address a bit of unpleasantness in a comment yesterday. We just have a few people who read regularly here and I am glad to have those people along on our frugal journey. I'm always really happy to hear from people who have tips, hints and encouragement to share and hope that I can do the same. I do not share here to boast or to feel smug and I am sorry if any of my posts have made anybody feel like that. I shall delete comments which call me names but am happy to help anybody who is feeling bad or who thinks that they cannot manage what we do, as of course there are other ways of doing things. A big thank you to all the people who read and comment here and I look forward to many more polite interchanges with you.

Now, onto the knitting !

I finally, finished a cotton top for the Summer. the pattern is very old, from the 1980s and I used a cotton crepe yarn which I had from a jumble sale. It was very unusual to find enough balls to make an adult garment. There is still enough left in another colour to make another one. However, my big project this year is to learn to knit socks so I thought the next project should be on double pointed needles.

I found a good hat pattern in "Knitty Gritty: the next steps" but the only circular needle I had was too long and when I started, the knitting was becoming badly stretched. I changed to 4 double pointed needles, which I already had in stock, rather than ordering a smaller circular needle, as I did not want a practice project to cost anything. It worked ! I was so excited !

Now, I'm getting close to finishing it, it only took a few days and I can't wait to knit a stripy one too ! I think hats will be a very good way to use up lots of the stash !

Are you knitting anything just now ?

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