Friday, 7 April 2017

Frugal Friday

So we have saved quite a lot on food this week with MasterShoestring away in the USA ! It really is true that teenagers have hollow legs, instead of baking bread everyday I made one loaf and it lasted all week.

I was very excited to get 2 free film tickets and MrShoestring and I are looking forward to our night out next week. I also got free magazines at the supermarket and MrShoestring planted free wildflower seeds.

I repurposed a rubber camping mat we had to make a mat for the porch and used frozen pumping puree which we made from the Halloween pumpkins to make a delicious pumpkin loaf. I also made salsa, yoghurt and muffins.

We got a great deal on doughnuts to feed MasterShoestring on the way to the airport, it was 10 for 65p plus buy one get one free, so ten doughnuts for the price of 5, 6.5p a doughnut. MasterShoestring was very happy !

I used Swagbucks to buy 2 books I needed for my course, so those were free. The reduced points deal on the Amazon vouchers at Swagbucks expires in April, so I'm trying to earn as many as I can before the deal expires.

I'm halfway through the Spring Cleaning in every room and so far have cleaned everything with micro fibre cloths and vinegar, so no spending on special cleaning products and lots of free exercise too.

I did all the shopping for the month at Aldi and am hoping that I can get back there for some top up shopping for Easter, as it really is a lot cheaper than other grocery providers.

I enjoyed all the gorgeous Spring weather, walking outside every day and line drying the washing.

I hope that you are enjoying some fine Spring weather as well !

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