Saturday, 22 April 2017

Selling on Gumtree

First, a note that the bluebells have started to bloom in our part of the world so do get out and see them this weekend if you can ! Now, on to the main topic for this post !

MasterShoestring is building a computer for his Duke of Edinburgh skill and although he has acquired a few components through Freecycle he also needs some money to buy things. So we suggested that he try selling a few things on Gumtree.

Advertising items on Gumtree is free, unless you pay for some premium features and you can upload your own photographs and description. All you have to do is open a free account with contact information. We put up advertisements for 3 items: a table tennis table; a snooker table and a football table. There was lots of interest in the first two items and none in the last. We arranged to meet a buyer for the snooker table and in the end he took all the items as he was starting a children's drop-in after-school centre. We took a bit less than advertised as he was willing to take all the items and it was going to a good cause.

MasterShoestring was happy because he made a bit more money towards his goal; we were happy as the garage has considerably more space in it now and the buyer was happy as he got a bargain and enough items to think about opening his centre earlier than planned !

I think that Gumtree can be an excellent service as long as you are prepared for a bit of haggling on price !

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